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House of Nerds

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9th July 2006

chico_chan9:36pm: house of nerds returns...
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comic #12

we're baaack :P

9th January 2006

chico_chan4:42pm: THERE'S SH*T IN MY TOILET!
Sorry for the long wait folks. I know you have been waiting with bated breath. School has kept me underwraps. I scrouged together a few minutes to bring you up-to-date with all the nerdish things happening recently.

comic #11 will feature:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

berserkershinji and cobheran

peace and chicken grease <3

4th December 2005

chico_chan1:40pm: One of us!

sorry for the long wait. been so busy moving! Our new house is so nerdalicious!

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Current Mood: accomplished

4th November 2005

chico_chan12:30pm: POO WATER.

As promised, New comic #10 :P ! Enjoy ^_^ I think everyone will know this part in the game if you played RE4. Maybe not, but we sure love to tease vid about it. hahhaha
Current Mood: touched

3rd November 2005

chico_chan10:59am: Rivers and Otakon
Comic #4- Glasses of Doom
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Lol this made alot of people laugh ^_^ Anyways I promise comic #10 in the next day! We got it!!! We got our House and we're moving in soon!!!!! Now we really will be the House of Nerds, instead of the "Apartment of Nerds"

Current Mood: accomplished

30th October 2005

chico_chan3:25pm: No seriously man, coackroaches.
Comic #3
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Sorry about no new comic ^_^ I promise a new one soon, I've just been busy the past couple of days. This is another backdated comic.

...and yes our apartment really had mutant coackroaches. And Ais really has to kill them with a bazooka.

23rd October 2005

chico_chan11:36am: everybody is out there trying to get money

us invanding roz's house :P

new comic #9 :P wooo hoo!
Current Mood: accomplished

20th October 2005

kik_sama8:23pm: T-Shirt o_O
I was messing around and made this on CafePress... ||Rukia Shirt|| @_@;;
chico_chan11:59am: Prelude to a comic.
Prelude to the next comic, appearing are rozardImage hosted by Photobucket.com and lone_wolf_17 Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Current Mood: busy
chico_chan10:36am: banana
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Alright, time for strip #2! This is still the point whee I didn't care much about the artwork. it gets better, I promise! Kik, and my in ability to understand him.
Current Mood: chipper

17th October 2005

chico_chan10:22am: Lettuce!!!!
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

This is comic #1 :D This was the first one I made after a crazy night at steak N shake. It was first created to amuse my friends so I didn't very much care about the artwork as you can see XD
now I've spend a bit more time making them look pretty.
Current Mood: bouncy

16th October 2005

chico_chan8:05pm: INTRO to the nerds~!
So everyone is liking this little creation of mine, so I'm starting this community. This is actually strip "8", but I'm posting it first since it's an intro to use all. I'll be posting the rest with updates sometime in the next week <3

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Current Mood: working

12th October 2005

chico_chan12:49am: every new beginning is some other beginning's end
[ § ]

This is the first post here :P I just started this community since people seem to like these little comics of mine ^_^
I'll start posting the lot here and update the info soon.

Thanks for the support everyone <3
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